Creating the anti-salon

Kenna Kennor set out to build something that stood in sharp contrast to the traditional salon. Kennaland needed an identity that fully captured the duality of fashion and comfort, London and New York, and Kenna himself. The new identity reflects this magical place of contradiction. Serifs crashing with sans serifs. British culture colliding with American. High fashion clashing with a DIY spirit.

Work created at Jones Knowles Ritchie
Executive Creative Director: Tosh Hall
Design Director: Andrew Bellamy, Daniel D'Arcy
Designers: CJ Draper, Adam Howard, Hanna Kim
Film: Justin Sottile
Illustration: Charlotte Jackson

Kennaland Neon Kennaland Post Cards Kennaland Matches Kennaland Posters Kennaland Tattoos Kennaland Apparel Kennaland Wild Post Kennaland Bowie