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Blacken the World

Metallica is iconic in the world of heavy metal. For nearly 40 years, they continue to craft every riff, lyric, and visual for their albums, and epic world tours. All with their fans in mind, their proclaimed 5th member.

Pickerell; a legendary master distiller. Creator of world renowned whiskies such as Maker’s Mark and Whistlepig. And the one who helped spearhead the, once dormant, Rye whiskey movement.

Together, they could create something beyond the norm. Together, they could Blacken the world.

Work created at Jones Knowles Ritchie
Creative Director: Dan Gladden
Design Director: Alex Boulware
Designers: CJ Draper, JP Elliot, Kyle Wessel, Sarah Dewlin
Render Artist: Justin Goode

Wax Seal Secondary Opening Secondary Render Primary Render Tasting Notes Reverberations Shipper Merch Coasters Field