Fortune Favors the Bold. Indikitch, recently celebrating it’s one year anniversary, is being revered as a breath of fresh air in the world of quick service restaurants. The concept behind Indikitch stemmed from the same ideals as Chipotle: to provide the highest quality food in a quick and efficient manner. Though instead of a Mexican flare, Indikitch harnesses the traditions of Indian cooking and applies a fresh, friendly, modern face to a highly exotic brand. That said, the brand has a lot live up to, as the most popular sentiment on Yelp! has been, “It is the Chipotle of Indian food.”


Upon introduction to the project, I dove deep into the world of Indian culture; everything from Indian Vogue to cookbooks to try and grasp an entire culture that this brand is trying to represent. With my Creative Director, Andrew Tupper, we created the initial branding package including color, typography, iconography as well as lead independent campaigns such as the Holi Photo campaign.

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